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The Enchanted Life of Adam Hope: A Novel

The Enchanted Life of Adam Hope - Rhonda Riley Many people are comparing this to The Time Traveler's Wife. I don't quite understand this comparison, the only comparison is the small inclusion of sci-fi. Of course time travel played a major role in one and in this one you simply have an apparently alien lifeform that came from the mud (never explained) and that was pretty much the end of the sci-fi. Another difference? I enjoyed one and disliked another, big guess which one was which!

I'm sure many people will enjoy the writing of this one but I felt the author tried too hard and it resulted in a cold/distant feeling story. Adding to the fact is that the main character is pretty bland and does not ask KEY freakin' questions to this mud being that she rescues during a rainstorm. Such questions include: WTF are you and why are you able to morph and mimic my form?

So when Evelyn rescues the alien (perhaps not?) being it appears to be badly injured, especially on the skin, like it had been to war. Since WWII is ongoing this is practical but why the hell was it in the mud? After rescuing the being Evelyn quickly begins to realize that the person she believed to be a man is recovering at a rapid rate. Turns out the "man" is quickly forming into Evelyn's twin. I guess the being (known eventually as Addie and Adam) essentially imprinted on Evelyn and then turns into her? Addie's personality is different though, albeit not complex.

This is all fine and dandy until Evelyn begins having sex with Addie. I'm fine with a person being gay (although Evelyn made no indication she was prior) but she is in a manner of speaking having sex with herself. CREEPY. I'm sorry but if some mud being turned into me my first inclination would not be to have sex with said person/being. Seriously Evelyn? Sex?

Then there is the "god" theme. Oye. Evelyn seems to find out that she isn't quite a believer but I never really believed that since she constantly mentions "god" in one way or another. Plus the whole Adam and Eve thing isn't really disguised, after all even the characters have the names.

I simply do not see the entertainment value in The Enchanted Life of Adam Hope. There is no explanation of Addie/Adam, Evelyn keeps having sex with her newly formed twin (Addie) and the writing is just bland in my opinion. I know some people will like this one though, but it certainly was far from my cup of tea.