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No And Me - Delphine de Vigan I've been considering reading No And Me for months and I was fairly certain I would really enjoy it. I do enjoy reading about precocious children with high IQs (although dealing with such individuals in real life can be a different story of course) and Lou immediately interested me at the beginning. Lou is smart and clearly beyond her years but I found it difficult to believe she actually had an IQ of 160 throughout the novel. The first half of the book with Lou meeting and getting to know No and opening her eyes to homelessness was well done I felt. I was not blown away at any point but I did really like No and Lou's relationship growth. However, I felt as though after the first half and especially once No came to live with Lou's family the book went downhill. I found the storyline, the writing and overall the characters more tedious in the second half and I think the story would have fared better as a shorter story. Had the entire book been as entertaining as the first half I think it would have been a solid 3 rating, but overall I was disappointed.