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The Good Braider - Terry Farish 4.5 stars

The Good Braider is a well-written read centering around Viola, a Sudanese young woman in the middle of a war. Viola, her mother, brother and grandmother attempt to escape from the horrors of war in Sudan. This is very much Viola's story and you really come to hear her as a real living breathing human being. Sadly there are far too many Violas in the world, many in Africa but also in other war-torn places around the globe. After having read numerous non-fiction accounts much like Viola's, I cannot help but have my heart go out to the fictional Viola and of course the true Violas of the world. I felt as though Farish did a great job at portraying the plight of escaping war-torn Sudan, especially in the simple but effective manner in which she accomplished it. And then there is the all-too forgotten and often difficult adjustment period for those lucky enough to escape war-torn areas. This too was handled well, clearly Viola felt out of sorts and torn.

Overall The Good Braider is a moving read and I rather enjoyed it (although "enjoy" in the true sense is difficult as it is terribly saddening to think of all those in Viola's position across the globe). Books like these will hopefully put in perspective the importance of things in life. While one child in America may complain about internet or phone restrictions, there are children across the globe simply wanting to survive.