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My Life After Now - Jessica Verdi 3.5 stars

My Life After Now is about Lucy, a young woman facing a lot of stresses who decides to relieve them by going out to a club with a couple friends. Unfortunately the events that follow result in Lucy contracting HIV, a life sentence Lucy never saw coming and is horrified at the implications of. My Life After Now follows Lucy trying to adjust to the diagnosis, tell those she cares about and in general learning to live this new life and come to understand that she can in fact even live.

The story overall is well told and seemingly fairly realistic. The story itself is not entirely depressing, as Lucy does have great individuals around her to support her. But is quite horrifying to think that one bad decision/night could stick you with a disease for the rest of your life and I hope that teenagers who read this take this with them. I really think this would be a great read for teenagers as the story opens a realistic window in a teenager's life with HIV without coming across preachy.

Overall I enjoyed My Life After Now but I did not love it. I did not become terribly attached to any of the characters, although Lucy was a decent character I just wanted a bit more. I really would have liked if the author had included a chapter years down the road for a glimpse into Lucy's life, I think it would have capped the novel well. I do recommend the book, especially for teenagers and those who do not particularly think before they act in aspects of their lives.