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Impostor - Jill Hathaway Impostor is a good follow-up to Slide in which Vee is a girl who can "slide" into another individual by touching an object they left an emotional imprint on. The two aspects I felt were strongest in Impostor, Vee as a character and the author's writing of relationships, were the strength once again. Vee feels very authentic to me and so does her relationship with Rollins. I love the two of them together and wouldn't mind a short story featuring Rollins POV. There were a number of mysterious aspects to the story, such as who is Diane, who is the "impostor" slider, why has Vee's aunt suddenly shown up and of course the drama with the ass Scotch. Hathaway wrapped everything up in the end and overall left us with a satisfying ending. I definitely enjoyed Impostor a bit more than Slide and I will even miss Vee and Rollins a little bit.