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The Immortal Rules (Blood of Eden)

The Immortal Rules - Julie Kagawa 1.5 stars

I really enjoyed Kagawa's Iron Fey series, which came as a surprise to me when I began the series. So I was expecting to at the very least enjoy the new series, beginning with The Immortal Rules. However, I was completely unimpressed and largely bored by this novel. I'm starting to ponder whether I am completely over vampires or just this novel in general. Most likely just this novel since I am still willing to read about vampires, although honestly I do prefer them mixed with other supernaturals. A big problem with the novel is there is seemingly nothing new added to vampire lore, it was all heard/read before.

First of all, I felt The Immortal Rules was terribly slow and too long. Why was this nearly 500 pages? They were not warranted, especially as much of the first half felt monotonous and included information I felt was unnecessary even after finishing the book. Also, the voice of Allison failed to draw me in or impress, overall I felt no attachment to the characters aside from perhaps Kanin who disappears early in the story (yet another reason this book is the problem and not vampires, since Kanin is a vampire).

After Allison goes off on her own she eventually encounters a group of humans traveling at night. Why they are traveling at night is never sufficiently answered but I just did not care at that point. I REALLY stopped caring when the group turned out to be (at least in part) religious nuts with a plethora of biblical names (yes the series is named Blood of Eden but I didn't think it was actually religious). On top of that I really cannot understand how no one seems to know Allison is a vampire. How the hell can it be so hard to tell? Judging from the beginning of the novel and explanations of vampires I would think one could tell.

I really wanted to like The Immortal Rules and after liking everything else Kagawa has written and enjoyed it I'm surprised I did not. But unfortunately The Immortal Rules is uninspiring, unoriginal and dull.