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Song of Scarabaeus

Song of Scarabaeus - Sara Creasy 2.5 stars

Song of Scarabaeus (terrible title) had a good premise and potentially entertaining romance but just never fully took off. The sci-fi world that they visited was intriguing, that being Scarabaeus, but that is a very limited time period and most of the time they spend on the ship. A ship, mind you, that does not seem to be overly exceptional or compelling, with no depth to the exploration of the potential sci-fi aspects.

The characters, however, were my biggest disappointment. Edie has an interesting background and a lot of past trauma that could easily have elevated her character. However, Edie is a bit awkward and her attempted relationship with Finn just falls completely flat due in part to her odd reactions to things, such as not freaking out in one scene when Finn nearly causes them to not get away simply to "test" her. *sigh* Then there is Finn. Finn had great potential, in fact I was looking forward to the apparatus preventing him from speaking to be removed so his character could build. However, Finn does not have much character development and his off relationship with Edie just compounds this issue. Overall both Edie and Finn, the characters driving the story, failed to impress.

Overall Song of Scarabaeus had potential but ended up being a bit dull and skim-worthy. Had both Edie and Finn been stronger characters I think the book would have fallen into place. However, as it was I would recommend Ann Aguirre's Sirantha Jax series for a better sci-fi series, sci-fi elements and much better relationship drama.