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Everbound: An Everneath Novel

Everbound - Brodi Ashton Everbound involves Nikki's quest to try to rescue Jack from the Everneath. We spend a lot of action-filled moments in the Everneath in Everbound, with Rings of Earth, Wind and Fire and wanderers and Everlivings and so forth. The Everneath messes with your emotions, your mind and also makes you nearly give in to despair. The characters in Everbound are largely those you found in Everneath, but the complexity grows. After reading and disliking Neverfall I never would have thought I would come to be conflicted about Cole ever again. But Ashton manages to make you wonder who you should root for in Everbound. I caught myself during some moments feeling more towards Cole only to snap myself out of it by remembering Jack. While this situation is ultimately a love triangle I think it is well handled and not eye-roll worthy as many others.

There are a number of flashbacks to moments of Nikki and Jack which allow us a better perspective on Nikki's love for him (and consequently make you feel bad about ever thinking maybe? she should choose Cole. Maybe? Seriously, Cole has his moments.) There are a number of little twists and a MAJOR twist at the end that was a supreme WTF moment. I honestly felt a little whiplash after the ending considering the twist and Cole's involvement. But it definitely leaves me intrigued as to the direction Ashton is taking the series.

I had one question regarding the book, and that involved Jack. Why was Jack so much larger? Did I miss something? I know Nikki was also confused and ultimately I really wanted to know the answer to why he would come back not only still young, but taller and bigger overall. I feel like there is some major twist to this but there are so many crazy possibilities that I can't even really speculate. Also, is Jack fully himself? Is it REALLY Jack at all? (See, speculation gets us nowhere!)

Overall I really enjoyed Everbound and found it to be rather enthralling. Ashton's writing was not perfect, but she definitely wrote an intriguing world and great complex characters. I look forward to book three.