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Midwinterblood - Marcus Sedgwick Midwinterblood is difficult to describe without giving details away, so I will keep my review brief. The story begins in 2073 with journalist Eric Seven going to a mysterious island to write about what he finds. But Eric Seven's story is only one of many which are detailed in the book, all which are earlier in history than 2073 (such as 2011, 1944). You do not get a true grasp of what links the stories except for a few details here or there (that could be spoilerish). You quickly start coming up with ways in which to link the stories, which you may in fact figure out. After all, the premise of the story is not new, but it is told in a new, interesting and weird way. So even if you do figure out the premise, I think the story will not disappoint.

I enjoyed the writing, the characters and I enjoyed the mystery of it all. I wished the ending was happier, but that just proves that I liked the characters. Midwinterblood was weird, but I think that just made me like it more.