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The Queen of Attolia (The Queen's Thief, Book 2)

The Queen of Attolia - Megan Whalen Turner 3.5 stars

The Queen of Attolia is, according to many, a much better book than the first installment. However, I enjoyed the bratty humor of Gen and being inside his head during The Thief. The second installment is told in the third person, which does work for the story. We get to learn more about the main players in this world through the third person. But I did miss Gen, especially as his character in this installment goes through something tragic and loses much of who he is in book one. The best aspect of these books for me is the interactions between characters. But in this installment I did feel as though they spoke in a more coded manner than necessary.

The reason I am not giving the book a higher rating is largely due to the plot direction. I am absolutely not a fan of reading about war or strategizing so I become quickly bored by such talk. Unfortunately there were numerous interruptions regarding war in this one, some of which felt unnecessarily included. It simply does not help that the geography of this area is not terribly clear, especially without a map included. Yes the author has this fictitious map in her head while writing it but I do not, so these detailed descriptions of placements mean little when I have no reference point. Also, the plot twist between Attolia and Gen was terribly odd, how believable was this truly? Not very believable to me.

This is a bit nit-picky but I really wish the Queen of Attolia and the Queen of Eddis went by different names than their territories. Using "Attolia" to mean both the woman and the territory rather slowed down the reading process as it caused a bit of backtracking to make sure whether they were talking about the person or place.

Regardless of my frustrations, I will continue with the story and hope that there is less talk of war.