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Scorch (Croak)

Scorch - Gina Damico 1.5 stars

Croak did not blow me away but Scorch was rather frustrating and dull for me. I still do not buy the relationship between Driggs and Lex, it just does not feel sincere as it is pretty much centered on making out. Woo. Also, there is just too much stupidity or ridiculous humor involved in this installment. One storyline is serious and then there seems to be the even greater storyline of ridiculousness. They just did not go together well as none of the characters really feel genuinely drawn and like complete humans with the ability joke during a serious moment etc. It just felt childish instead. I was pretty much tired of the characters and storylines by a quarter in and it never actually improved. Unfortunately I also do not recall laughing out loud while reading either, which is sad for a book touted as having a lot of humor. This installment just feels much more juvenile than I prefer to read, especially as the characters did not seem to grow. There is a good chance I will not read the next installment in the series.