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Shades of Earth: An Across the Universe Novel

Shades of Earth - Beth Revis The conclusion to the Across the Universe series was satisfying and filled with interesting twists. Both Amy and Elder have grown considerably throughout the series and it really shows in this finale. The ship finally makes it to the planet, but life is not filled with joy to say the least. A number of problems arise, including incorporating the newly "melted" Earthborns with the Shipborn population, the hostile planet and general trials and tribulations of a new environment. I rather enjoyed the advancements in technology in the book, although at times I felt like it wasn't quite advanced enough. The issues and relations among the different people seemed probable and not irrational or unlikely. The ending did feel a bit rushed and the ultimate ending was pretty cutesy, especially considering the limited romantic element in the rest of the book. But overall I did enjoy the Across the Universe series as a whole and Shades of Earth was a nice finale.