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Just One Day - Gayle Forman I get the sense that I will enjoy Just One Year more than Just One Day, such as I enjoyed Where She Went more than If I Stay. Forman has a pretty decent ability to tell a romantic, life-changing, albeit lusty tale in this case but I don't much care for the female viewpoints. They seem to be filled with continual hesitation, multiple/confused interpretations of expressions, statements you name it, and generally becoming absorbed in a negative space. After reading Allyson's viewpoint I really could not come to understand why she would even like Willem, he did not seem terribly wonderful. He was spontaneous but he lacked humor, was off and on despondent, distant, evaded questions and in general hard to read (but like I said, this could have been Allyson's viewpoint).

Perhaps if Allyson had been a different type of girl (therefore with a different view) there would have been a more entertaining, more worthy Willem to pine after, but there simply was not. The entire day seemed to have been built in Allyson's head, and quite frankly it was not even a good day in her mind. The Willem she gave us was not worthy of depression that lasted for months on end, ruined her grades and kept her from true friendships. Begs the question: what will Allyson do when she gets into a real relationship? Scary thought really.

The novel is one of self-discovery, although it takes entirely too much wallowing in self-pity before it starts happening. Allyson seems to be a girl of extremes, either depressed or taking on the world. I wish she had been more of the girl who goes back to Paris throughout the novel rather than boring us to tears in the middle.

I say it is likely I will enjoy Just One Year more than Just One Day because it is to be told from Willem's point of view. We will learn what he was thinking while Allyson was over-thinking or likely misinterpreting things. We will also get all the answers that have surfaced via Allyson's tale. So of course we cannot have Willem's tale without first having Allyson's, but I suspect Willem is a more entertaining character to follow, despite Allyson's ability to make things sound rather dull.

The Shakespeare theme in the novel was not terribly entertaining as I am not a fan of his work. However, I did not find it terribly overbearing, although interesting it was not.

I found there to be some editing issues, some major ones. This baffles me since right there on the cover it says "International Best Seller". Shouldn't such a title come with competent editing? But instead I kept reading phrases here or there that were really off, but I tried to ignore them. But then I found phrases such as: "I've sort of being doing the girl thing." This begs the question whether anyone even read this sentence? Seriously editor? Painful to read, painful!