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Wrong Side of Dead (Dreg City, Book 4)

Wrong Side of Dead - Kelly Meding It has been a while since I read the last installment of the Dreg City series and as this is likely to be the last one I was looking forward to finishing the series. Unfortunately, I felt as though Wrong Side of Dead was the weakest in the series.

The first issue I had with the book was the fact that we jump into the middle of the story essentially, but you aren't really certain you did. I kept second-guessing whether I remembered how the third book ended and how could I have forgotten such major details? Turns out, I didn't. Meding decided to tell the story in a nonlinear manner. Many chapters in we finally get pieces of the background story on what has been the underlining drama for Evy, the main character. Meding continues to do this throughout the book, going back to previous weeks and filling us in on details. However, by that point I could not bring myself to care for the "greater" detail, especially considering it interrupted the story which was already going on. I also did not feel as though this information was worthy of waiting for like it was some big reveal throughout. The story should have been told more linearly, it would have increased the enjoyment overall, although probably not by a ton.

A slight nitpick: in the first few chapters Meding used parentheses too much (much too much). I did not understand why she just did not include what she wrote in the parentheses in the flow of the story (much like the nonlinear format). It was rather distracting (see what I'm doing here?).

Evy and Wyatt. Jeez louise, why all the drama? I just did not feel as though the extra drama between the two characters was necessary in this installment. The reason the two are separated now is also pretty weak in my opinion, especially after everything that the characters have been through, such as both dying!

Overall I did not feel as though Wrong Side of Dead was a good addition to the Dreg City series. There seemed to be drama for the sake of drama, the characters did not impress me and the style that the author chose to tell this installment was unsatisfying. I suppose this disappointment does makes it easier to say goodbye to the series.