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Paper Valentine

Paper Valentine - Brenna Yovanoff My only other experience with Brenna Yovanoff's writing is in [b:The Curiosities: A Collection of Stories|13574710|The Curiosities A Collection of Stories|Maggie Stiefvater|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1333398927s/13574710.jpg|19127701]. Of the three authors featured in The Curiosities, Yovanoff was my least favorite, however, she did have a few short stories I enjoyed. I thought that Paper Valentine sounded like an interesting premise and I had hopes that this novel-length story might interest me as some of the short stories did. Unfortunately, I simply don't know if Yovanoff's writing style is for me.

In Paper Valentine we follow the character of Hannah. One of my biggest issues with the novel is the way in which Hannah thinks and the really weird things she randomly states, things which I felt were definitely off topic at times. It was almost like the novel was scatterbrained and the problem was Hannah was in fact that way. I felt like there might be a good character buried underneath the oddity, I just did not have the patience to work to see it. Aside from Hannah, I felt like there were too many characters introduced, none which were very well drawn.

The dialogue also was lacking in my opinion, nothing felt very original or interesting. The romantic element felt unnecessary and forced and I could not for the life of me get myself to care. I am usually a fan of the more paranormal YA books, but something about Paper Valentine read more contemporary than fantasy. I enjoyed the ghost best friend element, but again, I just could not come to care for any of the characters or ongoings due to the writing style.

Paper Valentine will appeal to some readers, especially those that do not mind the odd ramblings of the main character. Overall, if you like Hannah you will probably like the book.