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Necromancing the Stone

Necromancing the Stone - Lish McBride I am quite disappointed in the follow-up to Hold Me Closer, Necromancer. Necromancing the Stone was unbelievably enough, dull. The humor that I found in HMCN was missing, I saw the effort in this installment but it was largely of the trying too hard variety. The plot was also uninteresting and largely predictable and just could not hold my attention. There seemed to be an overload of characters in this one as well and I stopped trying to even keep them straight after awhile since I was so bored overall. I will read book three when McBride writes it, but I won't be eager like I was for this installment. When I first heard McBride was working on other novels rather than continuing this series I was disappointed, but now I am excited. I cannot help but feel like McBride just was not "feeling" the character of Sam while writing this as I know her writing has not diminished. Short stories published recently, such as Heads Will Roll, were excellent. For this reason I am still eager to read whatever McBride puts out.