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Split - Swati Avasthi Split is a well-written and realistic tale about an abusive father and the subsequent impact his actions have on both mother and sons. Jace (the narrator and son) is a very likable character despite many of his actions, actions which could easily be traced back to his exposure to violence growing up thanks to his father. The relationship between Jace and his brother Christian is difficult but also realistic, as one who has escaped the cycle of violence would not want to be brought back into it in any way. The way Avasthi weaved the tale, the distance she literally and figuratively put between the characters and the overall coming of age while overcoming abuse was both touching and concerning, despite the characters being fictitious. Unfortunately, there are far too many Jaces in the world facing an uphill battle due to abuse. Avasthi's experience with abused women is clear as the portrayal is heartbreaking.