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Grave Dance: An Alex Craft Novel

Grave Dance - Kalayna Price 4.5 stars

Grave Dance was a great installment in the Alex Craft series. The series is very well written and the worldbuilding is great, you get to see things quite well through Alex's eyes (which simply does not happen in every series out there). The action felt non-stop but not overwhelming and a lot of new information is revealed. The world, the creatures and Alex overall are all becoming more and more interesting. Some of the aspects of the world Alex inhabits, such as planeweaving, are confusing but they are to Alex as well so I guess we'll learn along the way.

My only complaints regarding the book are the love interests. I have absolutely no problem with Alex feeling drawn to both Falin and Death (who wouldn't be), but I wish we knew more about each one. Information is slowly being revealed about Falin but we are still largely in the dark about Death. Some of it is Alex's own lack of knowledge but it is also the pure lack of inclusion. I also wish Alex would ask the questions about these two that would offer such information (although in her defense A LOT is going on in her world and she did ask Falin key questions this installment). Overall I am really looking forward to book three and four (which comes out later this year, yay!).