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Still Missing

Still Missing - Chevy Stevens Still Missing has an interesting premise but overall did not work. The style of Annie telling her story of abduction to a therapist in "sessions" worked poorly with this writer's style. Or perhaps style is not quite the word for it as Stevens is not a very good author. I don't know if she is trying too hard or actually thinks these sentences she forms are decent. As many reviewers have also pointed out, Stevens insults readers' intelligence by explaining why something is ridiculous and/or ironic, even if she is using "ironic" wrong. I had to literally roll my eyes many times at Stevens analogies and descriptions.

Overall I could not come to care about the character of Annie so that definitely diminished my enjoyment. She seemed to constantly have a false facade about her, which may have been the poor writing and not a choice. I could not go along with her choices, especially with the "freak". While some of the situations were creepy, nothing felt very authentic. The twist at the ending is absolutely absurd. ABSURD. I don't know why an editor or publisher would read this ending and give it the go ahead.

Thankfully I did not buy this book but I do own another of Stevens which I may be donating to the library. I do not recommend this book, I can think of numerous other authors who have written more interesting thrillers, such as Gillian Flynn.