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Renegade (The Elysium Chronicles)

Renegade - J.A. Souders The summary for this book implies what it does not offer, in my opinion. The dystopian aspect promised is limited. While you expect the underwater utopia to be completely different and foreign to "land" living, it is in fact quite similar. I am still confused as to how they include such elaborate technology in this world when they supposedly do not venture to the outside world. Computers? DNA testing? Weaponry? Yes, they have all this and more!! Now I can get on board with them attaining energy from the volcanic heat and attaining other necessities from the seafloor, but computer systems? This drove me crazy, the author lost me at this point.

Also, there is very little background information for the world given which makes many elements all the more baffling. The people are supposed to be brainwashed essentially (including the main character) and have everything regulated, but why do they know about things only found on the surface? Yes, know about blue whales etc., but how do they know what an EGYPTIAN lily is? Or a butterfly or lamb? What the hell is Egypt to these people even? I don't understand the thought process behind this world when so many elements are included that contradict the very world itself.

The characters were not impressive either. The main character, Evelyn, is brainwashed, which makes her somewhat interesting, but she is a dull character otherwise that falls in love easily (there is a bit of insta-love going on). The character of Gavin (love interest) has nothing to offer outside of him being a "surface dweller" as his personality pretty much sucks. He also apparently suffers from insta-love. But his character completely lost me when he talked about killing animals for fun and actually dared to defend this as okay versus Evelyn's society of killing surface dwellers (which is pretty much all he knows at the time). Now the society does have issues, such as trying to produce "perfect" children/people who are blonde and so very Nazi-esque. I really question this author as one character kills animals for fun, the other comes from an oceanic Naziland and overall the plot is just the two attempting to escape Elysium. Disturbed yawning ongoing.....

There were just too many elements of this book that are on my to-avoid list for me to ever recommend it.