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Forgotten: A Novel

Forgotten: A Novel - Catherine McKenzie I took Forgotten out of the library on a whim after reading the summary. The premise of the book involves a woman thought to be dead after being trapped in Africa for six months. This woman then comes home and has to deal with the aftermath of being considered dead for so long. Compelling, no? Well perhaps had it been fleshed out and not reduced to the cliche "romantic" movie level, it would have been.

The characters are dull and the dialogue between them is heard in sub-par movies everywhere. The writing is absolutely nothing to write home about and the style used in the story keeps the reader at a distance. Nothing is developed fully except for the eye-roll worthy romantic drama that the book includes. Also, you're telling me the woman who has been considered dead and trapped in Africa for six months would hook up with the guy who just caught his fiance with his best friend? It seems a bit quick, no? Why do I even bother thinking about this? I'm rolling my eyes just thinking of the book!

Also, in reference to the genre, not only is calling something "chick-lit" derogatory, apparently it represents dull, ridiculous and vapid book subjects. What is the male equivalent to "chick-lit"? Women shouldn't be the only ones degraded via book genres.