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My Soul to Take (Soul Screamers Book 1)

My Soul to Take - Rachel Vincent The mythology and situations built by Vincent were entertaining and enjoyable. I had not read a book surrounding banshees before and I found the background of them interesting alongside the addition of grim reapers (and I'm guessing other paranormal creatures in further books). However, I felt as though the short story prequel was more well written and more entertaining, which I find to be odd. But I do think that the downfall of My Soul to Take was the relationship between Kaylee and Nash. First of all it developed way too quickly and under odd circumstances. Why did Kaylee trust him so quickly and never question why Nash was with her even after discovering the truth of him? Wouldn't that be a red flag for the guy to come out of nowhere and this relationship to BAM! develop? Then we had to listen to Kaylee waxing poetic about him and their makeout sessions, all the while questioning why he is with her because she isn't "pretty". I am tired of heroines devaluing themselves based on beauty in these books, what kind of message is that? Overall, had the relationship not existed or developed more normally, I think the book would have been more successful. The prequel story did not have a romantic element but instead focused on Kaylee entirely, I felt this made for a stronger story. The mythology was the strongest aspect to the book and the reason I will keep reading, especially since I would prefer to see Kaylee and Nash separated.