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Haunted (Women of the Otherworld)

Haunted  - Kelley Armstrong I adore Kelley Armstrong's werewolves and their subsequent books, but the other beings of the Otherworld series have been largely hit or miss for me. I did not much care for Eve Levine prior to reading this book, largely because all I had were other characters' opinions of her. However, after reading Haunted I find her to be a believable and likable character.

The story of Haunted is fast-paced with Eve having to track a Nix who is assisting with murders. Eve is also fully engrossed in relationship and daughter concerns, which adds to the pressure on Eve. The novel is fast paced and entertaining and introduced a number of different magical/paranormal elements not found in the series thus far.

Overall I enjoyed the varied and fast-paced nature of the story and surprisingly Eve as a narrator as well. She was snarky and I love that in a character. This is probably my favorite Otherworld book that falls outside the werewolf world, at least thus far.