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Unspoken: The Lynburn Legacy

Unspoken - Sarah Rees Brennan Unspoken features a very entertaining main character in Kami. Kami reminds me a bit of the main character in Social Suicide. Oddly enough they both investigate murders--do funny characters do that best? Kami is a funny, intelligent, mature go-getter and I really enjoyed the book largely due to her. Her best friend is a person-hating, nap-lover that I could really see liking in real life as well. Angela's comments were hilarious and I could really see why Kami would have her as a best friend.

The story twist where Kami has had a voice in her head for all of her life called "Jared" and him turning out to be a real guy was interesting. At times I found it difficult to relate because I was frustrated that they were so distant when they have literally been in eachother's heads ALL of their lives. But I suppose finding out that your imaginary friend is a real person, a person who knows pretty much everything about you--even embarrassing details-is a difficult revelation to adjust to. But I still don't totally agree with Jared's distance and the walls they both put up.

The mystery was interesting, although I found the relationships between all of the characters to be the most entertaining. I felt Kami put herself in too many dangerous situations, perhaps braver than she should be because she always has someone in her head to rescue her if need be.

The book is set in England, however, I did not get a very British vibe from the book or characters. I rather thought there would be more British terms and way of speaking, perhaps I was expecting a stronger British element? The way in which Kami and her friends sometimes word things is not the typical American teenager's wording, but is that because they are British or more mature? (Seriously, it is difficult to tell since so many teenagers speak like they have no clue about the English language.)

The ending is a bit cliffhanger-y, however, not terribly surprising. I do look forward to reading the rest of the trilogy, however, I wish the books were coming out sooner. I think the humor and mind-connection twist really makes this book.