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The Diviners - Libba Bray 3.5 stars

Whew! The Diviners is certainly a novel that demands your full attention, making it no quick read. I feel like I have been reading this one for much longer than I have due to this and unfortunately my love for a book tends to wane when I'm forced to spend too much time with it (whether or not I really enjoyed it). So while I really enjoyed Diviners, I was not sad to see it end. I may be being hard on the book, but it did feel a tad lengthy. Period.

I absolutely LOVED the setting: 1926 NYC. I loved it all, the slang, the atmosphere, the NY feel of it all. By far the best aspect of the book was the setting for me. I want to go out and find every fictional flapper book possible now.

I really enjoyed the characters, Evie, Sam and Jericho were all interesting characters. I especially loved the banter between Evie and Sam. However, I did feel as though there were too many characters being followed (and oh, they all are "special" of course....) and too many character backgrounds to pretend to care about. There would be random inserts of a character's story monologue that often slowed the story down for me.

The style in which the story was told, third person, really put me at a distance to the characters. This on top of there being too damn many characters to begin with left me a bit frustrated. The transition from character thoughts was awkward since one paragraph we'd be "inside" Evie's head and then suddenly Jericho's etc.. I think a first person point of view from Evie would have been superb since she was so entertaining. Perhaps with occasional third person inserts to add the rest of the story.

There were a LOT of religious nutcases in this one, which could have decreased my enjoyment but it was handled well. (Although I really could have done with less of the bad guy's religious rants....talk about annoying.) I also REALLY hated the animal deaths in the end of the book.

Overall I really enjoyed the story, I just would have preferred fewer characters and perhaps more brevity. I really look forward to the next in the series, I can't wait for more time in the flapper era.