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Wait Till Helen Comes: A Ghost Story

Wait Till Helen Comes - Mary Downing Hahn Wait Till Helen Comes is a well-written tale, however, I just could not stand the characters. Two characters in particular were absolutely intolerable: Heather and her father. Heather is an obnoxious little shit of a child and good birth control, quite frankly. The only thing I wanted to happen in the book was for Helen to get Heather (in a way that would be spoilerish if I mentioned it). Seriously, I wanted to throw my poor Kindle because this child was so freakin' unbearable. Just another book that makes me grateful to not want to reproduce, otherwise Heather would have been the real HORROR in the story. Other than the little idiot Heather I did find the story well written, but I did not find it very creepy or even horror-tag worthy. I guess I could see how it could be for children but for me I am disturbed by different things (like evil children...but that is more pissed off than creeped out). While not a bad story I only recommend this for children since they may be the only ones able to tolerate Heather (although I doubt it). If ANY of Mary Downing Hahn's other characters are anything like Heather or her father I will not be partaking in any more of her writing.