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Rosemary and Rue (October Daye, Book 1)

Rosemary and Rue - Seanan McGuire Rosemary and Rue was an interesting start to a hopefully entertaining series. The book started off strong with October being turned into a fish (a fish, people!) and staying that way in a koi pond for 14 years. When I read that, needless to say I wanted to read further and find out what the hell would happen. While I enjoyed the mystery and October's personality overall, especially humorous bits, I felt there was a bit missing. Emotionally speaking I felt like the ex-fiance and young daughter would have played a larger role in the story considering she was gone for 14 years. Although I did not want a sappy "I haven't seen my child in years" book either, but the lack of any strong feelings toward it seemed odd. I also felt like some sort of greater love interest would have spiced the book up a bit, I wonder if that takes place in later books?

I felt the worldbuilding was interesting, although it could have been stronger. There is definitely room to improve in the series, although Rosemary and Rue was certainly entertaining. I look forward to reading further into the series.