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On Every Street  - Karina Halle I really genuinely enjoyed Sins & Needles and luckily I read that before On Every Street or I would have never read further. On Every Street is what I feared Sins & Needles would be: a la Fifty Shades of Grey and other such craptastic books.

This novella can be summarized the following way for me: Ellie is an idiot and Javier is a douchebag.

I absolutely do not understand the attraction to Javier so many readers have after reading this. We had brief glimpses into Javier being a "decent" being but they were largely when he was pitying himself or protecting Ellie (albeit in rather extreme ways). But overall? Javier was a sick fuck with an obsessive stalker-like quality when it comes to Ellie. Oh yes, this is attractive! No, I don't care how attractive or suave you are, if you act like Javier you're a complete asshole. And my god, how many fucking times does he have to say angel? Angel, my angel, oh angel....it made me want to vomit every time.

Examples of Javier's douchebag badge:

*Says the following on their FIRST date: "You've gotten under my skin. I don't think I'll ever be able to shed you." Um, stalker warning bells going off anyone?

*Starts sticking his thumb in her mouth on the FIRST date in a rather unattractive manner if I must say and proceeds to push for some kinky shit on the beach.

*When told Ellie is a virgin Javier states: "You just get more perfect with every passing second, don't you?" Vomit. Yes, it is just so exciting that she is a virgin to you huh Javier? Ugh.

*Places tracker on her vehicle without her knowledge.

*Murders a number of people right in front of Ellie.

*Sets up a kinky twisted devirginizing for Ellie.

*Says he will look for her On Every Street if she leaves.

*Is generally a twisted fuck who likes to kill and stalk, oh and cheat. Let us not forget that cheating is the reason Ellie leaves...not murder or creepy behavior.

Also, there was little added to the main series overall, Javier lost all potential character points and there were numerous repetitive scenes that I saw mirrored from Sins & Needles which simply added to my aggravation.