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President Barack Obama The Kindle Singles Interview

President Barack Obama The Kindle Singles Interview - David Blum This interview with the President of the USA has caused such vitriol on Amazon and guess what? Most of the people spewing forth the vitriol have not even read the interview! I cannot fully express how annoyed I become when people do not read something they review, nonetheless spew forth their sheep-mentality, idiotic hate/fear mongering ideas and generally accost readers of reviews with their mediocre brains.

As there is not a single person in the world I agree 100 percent with, I do not agree with everything the President says/does/believes yadda yadda. But I do think he would make more positive changes and overall progress if it were not for the idiots he has to deal with day in and day out in D.C..

The interview was nothing unexpected but I did enjoy and agree with the following quote:

"But you also want enough of a sense of shared destiny, enough common commitments that we can keep our air and water clean. That we can maintain our technological edge. That we can ensure the next generation is well educated. It's part of the reason why the one institution that has been more successful in our society than just about any other has been our military-because that's one area where everybody understands we're one nation, and we all have to make sacrifices. Obviously, the men and women in uniform make the true sacrifices. But we have to pay for it. We have to support it. Democrats and Republicans understand that. The question is: How do we broaden our lens so that what's true in the security arena is true when it comes to our economy, is true when it comes to education, is true when it comes to the environment? There are things we can do better together."

Education and environment.....yes!