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Beg: A Radical New Way of Regarding Animals

Beg: A Radical New Way of Regarding Animals - Rory Freedman Beg is a very thorough review of the treatment of animals at the hands of humans across the globe. While obviously not all issues could be tackled in this one book, Freedman did manage to cover topics varying from horse drawn carriages, adoptions, spaying/neutering, cat/dog overpopulation, hunting (and overpopulation excuse myths), raising animals for food and even circuses and zoos. As a long-time vegan I already knew the details discussed within, although the recent statistics (from 2012 many of them) were noted by me to be used in what will most likely be interesting "conversations" with non-vegans. Since I am a well-informed vegan I feel as though I would be at an advantage to say whether this book is worth your time if you want to know more about the treatment of animals. As far as books of these kinds go, I think this is a comprehensive good start and written in an inviting way. Freedman would likely not make someone feel like she is on a soapbox and judging you from afar. However, Beg would likely make you reconsider your view of animals and how you interact with them daily (whether it is through wearing them or eating them or buying them).

Overall I would recommend it to non-vegans to hopefully open their minds to the issues facing animals. Vegans would perhaps like to read it so they can pass it on to people they know.

P.S. The opening chapters were quite entertaining and reminded me very much of my own dog children. The only chapter I disliked was the one regarding "spiritualism", I felt it unnecessary and as an atheist, obviously not for me.