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On Dublin Street (On Dublin Street, #1)

On Dublin Street (On Dublin Street, #1) - Samantha Young I continue to be baffled as to why books like this one are so popular. Is this truly what so many women want? An alpha male shithead who doesn't respect you or your wishes? Count me out. This Braden guy seriously needed to have a woman like me kick his ass.

The sexist-named "chick-lit" genre, of which this book clearly is a member, is filled with sloppy writing, piss poor plots and women who seriously need to have a better grasp of who they are and overall need to stand up for themselves. Books like this demean women through their actual plots and characters but by also indicating that women need little depth to be entertained. This book pretty much has the depth of a freakin' wading pool. If just the name "chick-lit" doesn't piss you off, then the lack of substance between the covers certainly should.

Joss, our main character, is extremely judgmental of women, largely putting them into perceived negative categories such as sluts and gold-diggers. Her past does not give her any depth, it simply gives the author excuses to have her fall for such a shithead of a male. Seriously, both parents, her sister and her best friend ALL DIE? What the fuck? Couldn't dare try to create a woman with typical baggage? That was too difficult so you had to bring a moving van worth of baggage? Ridiculous. And on a random annoying note: I will NOT miss reading her say "Jesus C" or "wow" or "shit fuckity shit fuck" (or whatever variation she decided upon that page).

Braden. What the hell can you say about an ass like this really? He speaks for himself if you read the book. This gem of a character lost me pretty early on when he says to Joss "D's?" and he means her bra size. Oh, I feel so faint....that is just a charming overload!! Please Mr. Man reduce me to my bra cup size! Sexy! These are the men that deserve to forever be alone. Yes, Joss didn't go gaga for him due to this statement but she certainly didn't do anything about it either. Sorry, but after that comment my hormones wouldn't have a say. Adding to this "character" basis is the fact that he never listens to Joss when she asks to be called Joss instead of Jocelyn. He apparently thinks it is his right to call her whatever freakin' name he chooses. I don't think so buddy. And one of the names he chooses to call her? Babe. Holy crap does he say it repetitively, especially during sex. I'm sorry, this was supposed to be sexy? So I shouldn't have felt nauseated? Huh. Overall Braden was very controlling and an overall jackass.

Overall On Dublin Street is poorly written, lacks substance and features common "chick-lit" tropes that overall demean women. The Bradens and Christian Greys of the world are not sexy or drool-worthy, they are scumbags that deserve to be alone.