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Mr. Real (Code of Shadows, #1)

Mr. Real (Code of Shadows, #1) - Carolyn Crane 1.5 stars

I love Crane's Disillusionist's series and was excited to read this new series. However, after reading it I feel as though fans of perhaps her romances (written under a different name) may enjoy it more than those attracted to the story in the Disillusionists.

Overall the biggest issue I had with the story was the main character, Alix. She did not start off well with me when she contemplated manipulating the computer guy for a quick romp. I don't care if the character is male or female, I hate characters which are so clearly "loose" and lacking mature conduct. Alix literally says things like "gulp" (out loud, mind you), is immature and makes stupid decisions. I absolutely could not stand her.

The storyline for Sir Kendall and Paul was ridiculous in my opinion. Not much is really even explained until past the midway mark. You don't know if the characters are insane or if there is a true background. The reason for Paul's freezing up every time he hears "Sir Kendall" is, in my opinion, in need of severe therapy if a grown man continues to react that way. Also, WTF is with the "romance" plot at the end? I have to roll my eyes at relationships that develop so quickly.

I did, however, like the premise of the book and the aspect of bringing things to "life" by using a computer program. The writing was decent, although not up to the level I'm used to with Crane. But I found the character of Alix so distractingly annoying that it affected my opinion on the writing.

Overall Mr. Real was a disappointment but may appeal to some of the Disillusionists fans.