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In the Woods (Dublin Murder Squad, #1)

In the Woods (Dublin Murder Squad, #1) - Tana French 1.5 stars

In The Woods is told from the point of view of Rob Ryan, the one one to survive of his three friends after a tragic ordeal when he was twelve. The story is told in a steam of consciousness style, a style which I find largely tedious and annoying to read. In addition, the character who we are stuck with narrating, Rob Ryan, is a bit of an ass and I kept craving to be reading narration from Cassie, his partner. Overall there was little to no character or world development (Ireland could have played a bit more of a role) due to the style choice. The character of Ryan also constantly went off on unnecessary tangents that simply bored me to tears for pages.

While I greatly disliked the style the story was told in, the mystery itself was the best part--and even that was not spectacular. The perpetrator of the crime is pretty clear from early on, you just don't know the exact means. The investigating of the crime alternated between tedious and entertaining, much like the entire book. Also, the end? Totally unsatisfying after you have dealt with being inside Rob Ryan's head for 600+ pages.

Overall the style was lacking, the narrator was an ass and dull on top of it and the mystery was nothing spectacular. I feel as though those who enjoyed The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo may like this one, they both rubbed me the wrong way style and story-wise for similar reasons.