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Sharp Objects

Sharp Objects - Gillian Flynn Flynn excels in trouble characters and not just clearly troubled on the outside characters, but those whose crazy lives buried within. The type of crazy you may not discover until it is too late. Flynn yet again created complex, troubled characters that feel real.

Despite being the focus of the summary, Camille's carving of words into her skin is not a primary focus. It is handled well and there is no melodrama surrounding it. Camille may be an imbalanced character but she, along with her boss, are the best and most grounded characters in the novel. I loved how Camille's boss, a character who initially does not strike you as fatherly, is like a breath of fresh air in many scenes that needed it.

The storyline involves Camille, a journalist, going back to her small hometown of Wind Gap to cover the murder of one girl and a missing case of another. She is subsequently forced to deal with her distant mother and stepfather and half-sister she doesn't even know. The storyline is disturbed but not overly graphic, not on the same level with Dark Places.

Sharp Objects is a good examination of the evil women can do, which is rare considering the focus of most murder mysteries (and real life scenarios) involve those committed by men. Women are the focus and they are all messed up one way or another. Camille's mother is a real nutcase for sure, evidence of which is unraveled throughout the story. Camille's half-sister is also disturbed, that is one twisted little kid.

Throughout most of the novel I had a changing selection of three potential characters who could have been responsible for the murders. All of them were quite plausible as Flynn never really leaves clear pointers as to who it is, keeping you guessing until the end. I love when a mystery isn't cut and dry and is nearly impossible to know for sure.

Sharp Objects is definitely an entertaining but dark read that will keep you glued to the pages.