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Fourth Comings (Jessica Darling, #4)

Fourth Comings (Jessica Darling, #4) - Megan McCafferty In Fourth Comings the style of the series changes from Jessica writing in diary form to Jessica writing to Marcus. The premise of the book involves Marcus asking Jessica, on a whim, to marry him. He gives her a week to decide and during this week Jessica writes to Marcus to make why she chooses yes or no more clear.

Unfortunately I found the style choice of the novel to be distracting. It alters the way in which Jessica writes (although it is still quite pretentious, much like the third book) because someone else is seeing it, a very important someone no less. Also, why on earth does Jessica rehash events/conversations that she has had with Marcus in these writings to him? She rehashes events verbatim like he was never there, now tell me how likely and practical this is? Isn't it much more likely she would say something like: "Remember when [blank] and you said/did [blank]? Well here is what came of that or here is what I thought yadda yadda." These entire scenes of which Marcus was supposedly involved make the presence of the author extremely felt.

Also, the whole premise is for Jessica to be giving thought to the proposal and the reasons why she should or should not agree, correct? Well why does it include so very random and non-important events? The lack of focus was atrocious. Plus, the reasons for her response to the proposal in my opinion are buried under such useless crap that I would not be able to make heads or tails of it until the last chapter. In the beginning of the book Jessica plans to break up with Marcus, which results in a proposal. Her main reason given at that time is him being a college freshman at 23. What the hell kind of reason is that? Regardless, she has other various reasons for breaking up with him in the beginning, none of which seem to alter throughout the novel. (Also, why does McCafferty keep ending novels with the couple together and then suddenly broken up or breaking up in the beginning of the next? So frustrating.)

Overall, I found the style change ineffective and the overall choice of focus aggravating (if you want to call what this was FOCUS). I will read book 5 to see how it all ends, although this rather felt like an ending in and of itself.

P.S. Jessica having had the notebooks from book 3 Marcus gave her stolen on her road trip felt like a total cop out by the author!!!