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Becoming (Otherworld Stories, #0.09)

Becoming (Otherworld Stories, #0.09) - Kelley Armstrong,  Angilram I read this graphic novel previously but read it again in order to re-acclimate myself to the werewolves of the Otherworld series. This is probably my favorite graphic novel to date, although my history with them is limited. The graphic novel upholds the "graphic" aspect of its name and shows some pretty gruesome transformations for Elena and subsequent consequences of her becoming a werewolf. The transformation process is not quite as smooth as it is in my head but that is probably because I often skip the difficult part and just picture a gorgeous wolf, better on my mind's eyes that way! Becoming follows the story about how Elena comes to be a werewolf well, it is not vague and does not skip key bits of information (which other GN seem to do). I think Armstrong does an excellent job with the werewolf sub-genre and her collaboration with the artist was well-done.