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Darkfever (Fever, #1)

Darkfever (Fever #1) - Karen Marie Moning I had high hopes for this book and series due to Moning's popularity and the positive rating of her books. However, I was not impressed at all by Darkfever, especially not her main character. MacKayla Lane has to be one of the worst narrators I have read in a long time. She is shallow and immature to a degree surpassing what I could even describe as pertaining to a young adult book. She is constantly droning on about what she is wearing (pink, pink, PINK) and how this is pretty and that is pretty. I have never read an adult book with the word "pretty" in it this often in my life. And enough about the nailpolish!!! One line that really stuck in my head was when Mac was speaking to Barrons and literally said: "ShutupIhateyou". I had to re-read that a few times to comprehend that I really had just read that "phrase". Wait, Mac is a 3-year-old child having a temper tantrum now? We get that Mac is essentially a 22-year-old (varying between 3 and 15 in maturity) nitwit but please Moning, make the character mature through what she endures in the novel at the very least! Unfortunately she is annoying throughout the entire novel and pushes away the only character, Barrons, who is willing to help her. Barrons is a much more likeable character, which says a lot considering he is not characterized fully by any means and he is a borderline villain.

The book leaves nothing neatly wrapped up at the end so you are forced to read #2 for any hope of finding things out. Although Mac does throughout the book say things which pretty much leaves little suspense for other books, such as "I would find out later this was so untrue." Oh yeah, Mac says so-this-or-that every other page too. AH! I may read book #2, if just to appease my curiosity. I'm praying for some major maturity increases....but I don't suspect there is any to come.

**Update after finishing series**

I hold true to all of the things I said in this review initially, Mac does make you want to strangle her. But anyone who feels the same way after reading the book I feel should at the very least read book 2, Mac truly matures and the entire series is a crazy ride. I ended up loving the series, even if book 1 made me want to hurl something across the room. With the major changes Mac incurs I truly wonder how someone who LOVED book 1 still loves Mac after all is said and done. But I will say that you rather need to see Mac as this spoiled child to understand how truly life-changing her journey is--but it doesn't make me like Mac 1.0 but luckily I don't have to.