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The Hieroglyphs of Ancient Egypt

The Hieroglyphs of Ancient Egypt - Aidan Dodson The photos in this book are gorgeous, especially if you have a love affair for all things Ancient Egyptian like me. While I would have been satisfied just looking at the photos in this book, after years of owning it I figured it was time to actually READ the book. The information given by Dodson is largely interesting, except for the last few sections about deciphering the hieroglyphics themselves. The number of people working towards determining the meanings behind the figures was rather sleep-inducing. However, the majority of the book was interesting as it gives you details on how the Egyptian language, written and oral, changed over generations and eventually died. The different findings found throughout Egypt did nothing to quell my desire to visit the sites and see the artifacts myself. However, the continued unrest in the present-day country makes me sadly feel I may never be able to see the great pyramids or temples myself. *sigh*