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Immortal in Death (In Death, #3)

Immortal in Death (In Death, #3) - J.D. Robb 4.5 stars

I have to admit, going into this series I was sure that the books would begin to get stale early and that it would be a steep decline thenceforth. However, if book three is any indication this series will still be alive and kicking dozens of books from now (which yes, have already been written--thank you Nora Roberts). I rather enjoyed the book and the drama surrounding not only the case Dallas works on but her anxiety to do with her wedding to Roarke. You also get more history of Dallas' life, albeit it isn't pretty. I look forward to reading book four.

Side note: I don't really believe labeling these as romantic suspense (especially on the spines of the books!) does justice to the series. There is a dash of romance for sure between Dallas and Roarke, but what good book is without a little couple drama?