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Storm Front (The Dresden Files, #1)

Storm Front (The Dresden Files, #1) - Jim Butcher I thought the premise of the book had great potential. However, the delivery failed past the first chapter in my opinion. Definitely an introductory book, but that doesn't allow for its flaws in my opinion. I could not shake the feeling that this book was written by the mind of a teenage geek who was picked on constantly and needed to make himself "cool" and so he made himself a pseudo-superhero. There were glimmers of possibility throughout the book but they were hampered by, well, the rest of the book. The book felt immature and also left me wondering how the author views women in general. The style of writing, sentence formation and the like, was also awkward.

One moment the main character was a tough wizard guy and the next he would be making some stupid comment and rolling around on the floor laughing. Perhaps he had multiple personalities. Or maybe the author simply did not really KNOW his character's personality. Since this was Butcher's first novel I do sincerely hope the rest of the books in the series improve. One note of positivity? The sarcastic wit (although not always well used) was entertaining at times.

Overall, I didn't like it-hence the 1 star rating. Although I have read worse. Hey GR, add 0 stars so I can express more than just "didn't like". 0 can be "hate". Thanks GR!