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Tiger Lily - Jodi Lynn Anderson I heard a great many things about Tiger Lily and I was looking forward to reading it. However, I failed to realize how much my absolute lack of interest in Peter Pan tales would impact me. I never cared for Peter Pan as a child and haven't gained care as an adult. I would recommend that you have at least a neutral stance towards Peter Pan if you are going to read this, although actually liking Peter Pan may be better. (Some reviewers, however, seem to hate it more if they had a special attachment to characters from childhood.)

I found the narration by Tink to be distracting, especially due to the fact that we never get to truly know any of the characters (not even Tink herself since she is so caught up in the others). This would have been better told from Tiger Lily's perspective, I may have been able to actually enjoy it more had that been the case. As it stands, I could not come to care for the characters or anything that happened to them.

Tiger Lily is supposed to be a strong female character but she rather easily succumbs to Peter Pan, a character I absolutely cannot understand caring about. I also will note that this Peter Pan is nothing like the one I remember disliking from childhood, can you imagine THAT Peter Pan having a girlfriend? Ha. But that didn't really bother me as I didn't like either version of Peter Pan, although this one is preferable to the annoying one from childhood. Overall, I could not come to believe in the relationship or supposed love Tiger Lily or Peter Pan had for each other, especially considering Tiger Lily's ridiculous "death" plan near the end of the novel.

I also did not care for the portrayal of Tiger Lily's tribe, it felt as though Anderson was attempting to correct the bigotry from the original Peter Pan but she instead simply lessened and disguised it. I also hated that the Christian man who came into the village preached and so easily changed the people's opinions on their god/gods. I do not think this at all added to the book and only proved to infuriate me regarding what missionaries ridiculously did for hundreds of years. I also found it insulting that Anderson depicted that the individuals were so easily convinced that they disregarded their traditions and way of being so terribly easily.

Overall the story of Tiger Lily did not appeal to me and I disagreed with a number of Anderson's choices. Recommended to Peter Pan fans.