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The Bite Before Christmas

The Bite Before Christmas - Lynsay Sands, Jeaniene Frost I was glad this was finally made available at the library just in time for Christmas! This was an odd combination of authors to me considering the style of writing exhibited by each author. They both may write about vampires but trust me, they do it very different ways! I would love to give this book 5 stars but the Sands story really held it back.

The Gift by Lynsay Sands was typical Sands, as far as I can tell. I read one of her books a year ago, A Quick Bite, the first of the Argeneau books. This short story seems to follow the same corny, somewhat ridiculous, line that the first book did. I had hoped that by book 15 the author would have advanced but it seems the series is stuck in a terrible rut. I just do not understand series that use the same plot elements each and every time (life mates found, human and vampire yadda yadda). I do not know if I will read another Sands after my first two experiences with her writing. 1 star

Home for the Holidays by Jeaniene Frost on the other hand was spectacular! I wish more authors were able to write a concise, well-plotted and entertaining short story like Frost can. The story is about half the size of an entire book but it really pulls everything together without feeling rushed or leaving the reader feeling gypped. There were numerous twists and turns in the story and it really adds to the overall series of Night Huntress. I really hope the publishers make Frost's story available for purchase separately in e-book form! 5 stars

Random note: I found it weird that Sands and Frost look related in the photos chosen for the back of the book!