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The Summer Garden

The Summer Garden - Paullina Simons Gosh this book is an emotional rollercoaster. But, I do believe that Simons wrote authentically the trials and tribulations that come from trying to adjust to so-called normal life after war. The bond between Tatiana and Alexander is still there, it is just in need of repair.

The book spans from the time they return to the United States to this century. Simons did also have some flashbacks to Tatiana's childhood, which I did not feel fit into the story very well. They ended up being about 100 pages of unncessary prose. But I am looking past these sections since the bulk of the story was engrossing.

Both Alexander and Tatiana were in need of repair multiple times in the book in a multitude of ways. They both act out of character at times, but I think this is done realistically as well. There are moments where your jaw drops and you are horrified for the characters. At times I was wishing for the Alexander and Tatiana from The Bronze Horseman but so were the characters.

Real life is what you will find in this book, not a fairytale. But you will still walk away envious of the love and life Tatiana and Alexander shared. Overall, this was a good ending to a great series.