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Speechless (Harlequin Teen)

Speechless - Hannah Harrington Speechless is about a girl, Chelsea, that cannot keep a secret. In addition to being unable to keep a secret Chelsea also happens to be self-absorbed, annoying and oblivious to what is important in life. This thus began a very frustrating beginning to the book for me. But then the "event" of the book occurs and everything for Chelsea turns upside down. Her big obnoxious mouth leads to tragedy, friend loss and a self-imposed vow of silence.

Through her vow of silence Chelsea is able to somewhat make up for her previous behavior, although I found her still a bit annoying. I loved the characters of Asha and Sam, without them I truly do not think the novel would have worked. The overall message that Harrington is putting out into the YA community is important, and for that I increased the star value I would have otherwise given. The novel had its ups and downs for me, largely due to Chelsea's personality, but overall it worked.