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Dark Places

Dark Places - Gillian Flynn Dark Places leaves you feeling dirty and like some evil has burrowed under your skin....but in a good way. I did not know quite what to expect from Dark Places except for a gruesome murder story and a promise of all sorts of nastiness. I definitely did not expect to find not a single likable main character and still enjoy the book. Our main character, Libby, is a depressed, borderline (maybe that is being nice?) crazy person but still somehow you find her enjoyable to read about. Now the other characters, the other characters leave you wanting to take a shower. (What is most disturbing? These type of people really exist in this world! Ah!)

The gist of the story is that Libby is the only survivor of a family massacre at the hands of her brother Ben. 24 years later a Kill Club (aka people obsessed with solving murders) approaches Libby to start investigating the murder to prove Ben is innocent (which she does not believe is the case). The story unravels through the viewpoints of Libby, present day, and Ben and her mother, Patty, back in 1985 at the time of the murders.

One thing I definitely did not expect was to be more disturbed by other details Flynn includes, like really crude descriptions of scenes, rather than the murders. I don't know what is going on inside Flynn's head but she has some crazy shit in there. I found the animal related scenes the most gruesome, along with the really uncomfortable sex and drug related scenes. The mystery, which is covered in layers of really disturbing filth, is well done and it leaves you guessing throughout.

I need a shower.