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Pushing the Limits (Harlequin Teen)

Pushing the Limits - Katie McGarry I have torn feelings for this book. On one hand I really liked and genuinely rooted for the characters of Echo and Noah. On the other hand there was a LOT of angst and drama that felt very much over the top.

Both Echo and Noah have rough pasts and are undergoing counseling. Noah is the "bad boy" and Echo is the formerly popular girl who has become secluded due to her past. McGarry makes the two being together make sense and you want to see them happy together.

But the drama! Both already have sad pasts and on top of that they have high school drama, friend drama, parental drama and so on. Why did so much need to be piled on top of everything else? Like Noah being obsessed with adopting his brothers after he turns 18. Despite "thinking" that through he was fixed on that. I felt like the story could have been a bit more focused and less angsty had a few things actually been mellow.

Noah, a sweet bad boy (the best kind of course), goes back and forth between sounding like a typical male teenager to very sappy and annoying. The dichotomy always felt off to me and it took me out of the story. I also became severely frustrated with Noah's overuse of "baby", "siren", and "nymph". And why oh why did he have to constantly describe Echo as smelling like a cinnamon bun? And seriously, what freakin' girl smells like a cinnamon bun?!?

While I didn't agree with everything McGarry wrote or the angst level, I did genuinely like the characters of Echo and Noah and found the story enjoyable despite its faults.