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Gone (Wake Trilogy, Book 3)

Gone (Wake Trilogy, Book 3) - Lisa McMann 1.5 stars

What exactly was the point of Gone? The series could have easily ended with Fade and made more sense and caused less irritation to readers. Gone is just one long back and forth with Janie trying to figure out whether to isolate herself or not. Over and over and over she waxes poetic about her dilemma. I got the message in Fade, need we beat it to death in Gone?

What exactly was the PLOT in this one anyway? Bemoaning your decision(s) doesn't really count as a plot to me. The characters seemed altered from those in the previous books. Janie is no longer an intelligent girl but a a borderline nutcase.

I enjoyed both Wake and Fade, but Gone is a useless book which will leave you disgruntled. I wasn't expecting much as Wake and Fade didn't touch me on any deep level, but the very least McMann could have given everyone was a story. Or was that too much to ask for from a book these days? Skip this one unless you absolutely love the first two books.