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Dead on the Delta - Stacey Jay 1.5 stars

Dead on the Delta was riddled with issues for me and in the end, I simply did not enjoy the heroine or the story. Annabelle is the heroine of this series and she is an alcoholic, lacks intelligence and is simply a mess. I don't have an issue with screwed up main characters but they have to be done well and in my opinion, Annabelle and Dead on the Delta was not done well.

The series lacks worldbuilding, character development and the heroine is simply tedious. Annabelle's behaviors, choices and comments were annoying. Many times her comments rubbed me the wrong way, especially when she was taking stabs at different races and sexuality. It seemed like the author wanted this behavior to come off as not mean or bigoted but I couldn't help but remember that (1) someone wrote this crap and (2) these comments are said by people I would never tolerate. So why should I tolerate a heroine such as that?

A major issue I had with the book was that it felt more like a paranormal romance novel for a large portion of the book. Dead on the Delta was meant to be UF but ended up having a love triangle and a heroine who would constantly whine about her relationships (past and present). In addition, neither love interest was very appealing except to Annabelle. It grew extremely tiresome and it would have been annoying in a PNR nonetheless a UF. I would have preferred what I signed on for: a story about nasty fairies. But instead Annabelle and her woes are too much the focus rather than the mystery and fairy element, which were very much in the background.

I found the comparisons of this series to the Downside Ghosts series (Unholy Ghosts) or Annabelle's comparison to Chess from the very same series laughable. Chess is a screwed up character but she is well developed and intelligent, amongst other things. The Downside Ghosts series is also much more vividly drawn and intriguing. There simply is no comparison for me.