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Wake (Wake Series, Book 1)

Wake (Wake Series, Book 1) - Lisa McMann Wake is about Janie, a girl who enters other people's dreams when she is near them while they sleep. The very beginning of the book involves Janie's experience with multiple different dreams over a period of years, a start that makes you believe that the book will be one dream sequence after another. Luckily this is not the case.

I should mention the writing style, it is told in third person and tends to be choppy and limited in details. The style is difficult to get used to but once you do it speeds the story along and you barely notice it. (Although the third person aspect can be very off-putting at times when it says "she did this" and you are torn from the story because you wonder who this other girl is, but it is only Janie.)

After the first dozen or so pages, the story outside the dream sequences begins to form and we meet Cabel. Cabel, the love interest, is an interesting and tormented character, much like Janie. I could not help but root for the both of them throughout the story, despite the negative rumors about Cabel.

The dream aspect of the story is treated realistically (if such things were possible), as is the romance between Cabel and Janie. I wasn't sure I would enjoy the story, especially considering the writing style, but the story grows on you as you go along. I look forward to the next in the series.