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Perfect Fifths: A Novel (Jessica Darling Novels)

Perfect Fifths - Megan McCafferty Perfect Fifths gave me what I was not expecting, especially as the setting of the book is an airport during one day three years after the last book ended. The style of the book also changed from diary and first person to third person.

In Perfect Fifths Marcus and Jessica literally run into each other in an airport and end up spending the day together. A large portion of the book is them talking during a flight delay. The conversation really elucidated the fact that both characters had changed, and in my opinion for the better. Marcus has discarded his false facade of zen sayings and general bad boy behavior. Jessica, thankfully, has lessened her pretentiousness and seems more together. Of course, these two coming together rather unravels the stability both had built in the last three years.

The third person point of view allowed us into both the mind of Jessica and the mind of Marcus, something we have not yet been privy to. It was an interesting experience as much of the behaviors of Marcus were odd and inexplicable and this enabled us to gain a better understanding of how he works. I appreciated this benefit of the style choice.

Overall the plot line felt much like one you would see in a romantic (perhaps romantic comedy) movie. While the originality of the plot was limited, the way in which it was executed increased the enjoyment. After all, I do on occasion love watching just this type of movie so why not? You know what will happen you just do not know how it will unfold, and this is most of the fun anyway.

The style and story content found in Perfect Fifths will likely bother some fans of the Jessica Darling series, especially since the two characters have matured and there is less snark. Plus, the perspective choice and lack of diary entries will bother many. However, looking at the series as a whole I thought it was a sweet ending to the tumultuous life of Jessica and Marcus over ten years.